I am a product-minded software engineer, with nearly 25 years of experience in building for the web. I started out as a pastry chef, but moved into coding in my teens. Most of my early career was as a founder, but in recent years I have been building dev tool products at high-growth startups. I am currently a principal engineer at Netlify.

I love the open web and open source software, and have contributed to a large number of open source projects over the years, including most modern web frameworks.

I'm not much of a photographer myself, but I always seem to end up building tools to help people who are. My very first startup was creating tools for panoramic photography. I co-founded a company building app-based camera triggers. I then created the world's fastest camera flash. In more recent years, I worked on creating Gatsby's image plugin, and most recently I created Unpic, a multi-framework component library and toolkit for displaying images on the web.

I live in the south-west of England with my wife and two children. I like baking and fermenting things, and making and drinking beer and cocktails.


University of Bath. BSc. Politics and Economics