Matt Kane

About me

I’m Matt, a coder based in south-west England. I’ve been working in tech for 20 years. I ran a startup that created photo stitching software, then co-founded Triggertrap, which made apps and hardware for triggering cameras. After that I founded Vela Labs, which made the fastest camera flash in the world, funded via Kickstarter.

For the past few years I have mostly been working with JavaScript, TypeScript, React and React Native, but I have experience in native iOS and Android, embedded C and PHP (though I try to avoid that now).

Currently I am head of software at Aerian Studios, a digital agency that mostly produces web and mobile apps for clients such as the BBC, government and non-profits. I have produced and delivered courses in modern JavaScript, introductory React and more.

See my portfolio some more of the things I’ve made.

I am an active open source contributor, and have contributed code to projects such as Gatsby, React Native, VS Code, Emscripten and dozens of smaller projects.

My live GitHub contributions graph

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